Getting Ready For The Aws Solutions Architect Professional Exam: Questions To Know


Preparing for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solutions Architect Professional certification exam can be a daunting task, especially when you are trying to absorb all of the information associated with this important credential. This blog post will provide you with some key questions and tips to help you get ready for the exam and increase your chances of success. We will look at the types of questions that you should expect, along with tips on how to prepare effectively. With this knowledge in hand, you’ll be able to confidently face the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam and come out successful!

Aws Fundamentals

AWS Fundamentals is key when preparing to take the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam. Knowing the terminology, services, and basic architecture of the Amazon Web Services platform is essential for success on the exam. There are different categories within AWS that must be studied in order to understand the various components such as compute, storage, networking, databases, analytics, security and more. Additionally, knowledge of cloud computing concepts like serverless computing and distributed systems will be beneficial when taking this professional-level certification exam.

Compute Services

Compute services are a foundational element in the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam. Understanding the various compute services available, such as Amazon EC2, Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), and AWS Lambda is essential for success. Each of these services offer unique features that can help you build and deploy cloud-based applications quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively. Being able to recognize which service will best fit your specific needs is key to passing the exam. Knowing how to integrate these services with other AWS tools like Amazon RDS and Amazon VPC will also be essential for success on this exam.

Storage Services

Storage services is an important topic to understand when taking the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam. There are a number of options available, such as Simple Storage Service (S3), Elastic Block Store (EBS) and Glacier. Understanding how to use and configure these services will help you achieve the best results for your cloud workloads. Additionally, it’s important to know their pricing models and choose the most cost effective option for your needs. Finally, understanding how these services work together can save time and resources in the long run by utilizing storage as part of an optimized solution.

Networking Services

Networking Services are an essential part of the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam. To prepare for this exam, it is important to understand and be familiar with the major networking services offered by AWS. These include Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), Direct Connect, Route 53 DNS service, the Elastic Network Interface (ENI) and various security measures such as Security Groups and Network Access Control Lists (ACLs). It is essential to understand how these components interact with other services in order to design a secure end-to-end solution. Additionally, have knowledge of all networking elements in relation to compliance and audit regulations will help you ensure your solutions meet applications requirements.

Databases And Analytics

For the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam, it is important that you have a good understanding of databases and analytics. Databases provide persistent storage and allow you to store vast amounts of data. On the other hand, Analytics can be used to gain further insight into your data and help you make decisions based on the insights gained. You should be familiar with different types of databases such as NoSQL and RDS, as well as tools such as Amazon Athena which allow for analyzing large datasets stored in S3 buckets. Knowing how to utilize these resources will be essential for passing this certification exam.

Security And Identity Management

Security and Identity Management is a critical area to be familiar with when preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam. It’s important to understand how to create secure networks using virtual private clouds, configure identity access policies and authentication mechanisms. You should also know how to design access control measures and manage user authorization privileges within an IAM policy system. Additionally, knowing best practices for encryption and data security while managing user accounts such as password rotation policies, multi-factor authentication and single sign on services can help you succeed on the exam.

Monitoring And Optimization

When it comes to the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam, monitoring and optimization are key concepts that you’ll need to be familiar with. This exam will test your knowledge of how to monitor applications and databases, as well as how to optimize your architecture for cost and performance. You will also need to understand the various tools available to monitor AWS services, including Cloudwatch and CloudTrail, in order to successfully pass this exam. Additionally, understanding how auto scaling can be used to increase performance while reducing costs is also important when it comes to this exam. Knowing these tools and concepts will give you a better chance of success on the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Exam.


In conclusion, preparing for the AWS Solutions Architect Professional exam can be an intimidating task. However, by familiarizing yourself with the right types of questions, understanding the structure and objectives of the exam as well as studying the materials available, you can ensure that you have all of the essential knowledge to pass this challenging exam. With some dedication and hard work, anyone can significantly increase their chances of passing this important industry certification examination and becoming a certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional.

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